Houses in Altea

To talk about Altea is to talk about fun, tourism, streets with whitewashed houses that lead to the sea, stunning coves and spectacular beaches. The thousands of tourists who visit it every year attest to all the attractions, from natural to tourist services, that this fantastic corner of the Costa Blanca of Alicante has to offer. The houses in Altea are much more than houses, they are balconies overlooking the sea, they are pieces of history, they are places that have lived, live and will live all kinds of stories and adventures.


JaHOUSE, rent or buy with guarantees

At jaHOUSE we are experts in renting and buying all types of properties in Altea and the surrounding area. We know that this is an area with a high demand in both the national and international market and that is why our professionals are fully trained to address our clients in several languages, thus always ensuring a formal and correct treatment and avoiding any misunderstanding.

At jaHOUSE you will be able to buy or rent your home and earn good profits with it, as Altea is a place where tourists arrive all year round from all over the world. Our advisors will inform you about prices, legal conditions, as well as other tips on how you can make your property more attractive both for holiday rentals and for sale.

On the other hand, if you are looking for rentals in Altea or beach houses for sale in Altea you will find everything you want here. We have for you fantastic flats with sea views, fantastic villas where you will find the privacy and relaxation you were looking for, or flats and flats in residential areas with all the amenities and services.

Altea awaits you with open hands and with all its attractions so that you can enjoy your holidays to the full.



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